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For Patients | For Licensed Producers

Simple software for Doctors,
established and new clinics.


At THCO, we understand the complexities Doctors face when prescribing medical cannabis to patients. Either as an alternative to synthetic or opiate based drugs or for actual symptom management and condition treatments.

We provide a secure system that is able to inform doctors and patients if prescribing medical marijuana may be the best form of treatment. We give you the tools and data to make better decisions and also provide additional details on the best strains and suppliers to directly match specific patient needs.

The Prescription
Management System

The THCO Prescription Management System safely and responsibly issues and monitors prescriptions for medical cannabis. Electronic prescriptions allow you to easily audit all prescriptions issued by doctors, revoke suspicious entries, and track previous prescriptions.

It also eliminates the risks associated with paper prescriptions that are subject to abuse. Electronic prescriptions allow you to easily audit all prescriptions issued by your clinic or hospital, revoke suspicious entries, and track previous prescriptions.

Medical Cannabis Data

Factual, patient based medical cannabis data is without argument rare given the prescription based system has only been in effect since 2013 in Canada. You will have access to aggregated summary data that shows consolidated patient reviews based on conditions and symptoms.

This will enable you to make informed decisions when prescribing medical marijuana and the ability to recommend different strain selections given the condition(s) in question.

  • Freedom to choose

  • Closing the compliance Loop

    The THCO system was built under the guidelines of PHIPA. All patient patient records are archieved and accessible for 10 years. Our system goal is to help the environment and reduce costs by being as paper-less as compliance allows.

    Security and handling of patient information are reflected in every business decision we make, and we recognize that we cannot exist without the trust of partners like you.

    All of our data is encrypted before it is stored in our databases to protect patient data from even system administrators. Patient reviews are anonymous to others except their doctor if consent is given. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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